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If you place an order on https://usdroneparts.com and decide you want to cancel, you must notify us at US Drone Parts support within 3 hours of placing the order where we will endeavor to resolve the issue. Delivery address changes, recipient or other specific addressee details following a completed order will not be accepted. If you must make changes to avoid a delivery or other logistical conflict, we recommend you cancel your order, make the corrections and order again.

In the event that it is not possible to alter the order before it has been processed, please notify US Drone Parts support where arrangements can be made to recover the order and a suitable resolution found.

All packages shipped outside of the United States of America mainland may incur extra duty charges. Outside of USA mainland includes: Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and other outlying islands or US territories. US Drone Parts is not responsible for any sales taxes, customs duties or other taxes charged by your customs department. To avoid any unexpected charges and rejections, please contact the customs organization in your home country regarding these policies.

US Drone Parts will not be held responsible for a rejected and/or destroyed parcel on these grounds as it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with such policies and conditions.


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All promotions, special offers and coupon codes (hereafter referred to as offers) are subject to the above terms and conditions of the US Drone Parts website. Unless specified otherwise, all offers are subject to the following terms and conditions: Offers are valid for one use per customer and may not be used in conjunction with any other offers and promotions. Offers are subject to availability.

Offers are valid until the date stated at the time of publication.

Customers who become aware of an offer after having placed an order will not be able to redeem the offer retroactively.

US Drone Parts reserves the right to withdraw offers at any time with no prior warning or notification.

Redeeming third party coupon codes is the responsibility of the customer and code must be redeemed by the date stated by said third party companies. US Drone Parts cannot accept coupon codes from third-party companies that are past their use-by date.


Some items may be restricted in certain locations. Additionally, depending on location, some items containing hazardous or sensitive items (such as lithium batteries or thermal IR cameras) may not be able to be shipped to their requested destination. US Drone Parts reserves the right to cancel any orders which cannot be completed due to the above reasons.  US Drone Parts reserves the right to change a shipping method at any time for any reason, customer paid-for or not (free-shipping), in the event that we deem this action necessary.  In most cases, we’ll do our best to ensure the customer can receive the shipping method they are expecting.  Examples of possible reasons why a shipping method could be changed are listed below.

US Drone Parts will ship once, or more than once, Monday through Saturday.  No shipments will physically depart on Sunday.  While we try our best to ensure that packages are shipped “same-day” this is not a guarantee, and 24-48 hours should be allotted for internal order processing, handling and shipment preparation.

US Drone Parts is not responsible for what happens to a package after it has been “shipped”, with being shipped meaning scanned-in to the logistic company’s facility.  Once scanned-in, US Drone Parts has no responsibility, recovery or control over the speed or delivery of the package to its scheduled destination known as the ship-to address.  Should an issue occur any time after a package has been “scanned-in”, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the logistics company using the order information and/or tracking number.  Issues can include, but are not limited to: Delays, lost or stolen package, damaged package or package contents, late delivery, wrong-address delivery, etc.

Shipping services which indicate a certain amount of Days a package should be expected in transit (2-3 day Priority for example), are generally based off the day AFTER the package is accepted to the logistics facility.  2-3 day shipping does not mean the product will arrive to the destination day exactly 2 or 3 days from the moment of purchase.  Packages may arrive sooner, or later, relative to the time of order.

You, the customer entering the shipment details into the order box, are responsible for ensuring that your requested ship-to address is verified by USPS.  US Drone Parts assumes no liability for packages and products sent to addresses which cannot be verified by USPS.   Addresses not verified by USPS may still reach their destination, but they incur a higher risk of non-delivery.

US Drone Parts is not responsible for refunding (partially or fully) any purchase which is delayed, lost or stolen package, damaged package or package contents, late delivery, wrong-address delivery, or otherwise negatively impacted by the shipment process.  In the event that one or more of these issues should occur, you will need to contact the logistics company and handle it directly.

By placing an order on our website, you give US Drone Parts the permission to use any or all entered information for purposes of detecting fraud or for any other reason.  This can include, but is not limited to: Name, address, phone number, internet IP address, email address, company name or similar.  US Drone Parts reserves the right to enter this information into any online platform for the purposes of detecting fraud or other internal reason deemed necessary.  Please note: We do not intentionally sell or distribute information, and such information will only be used to determine possible fraud, however we do not have control over how the platform or service we use, can or will do with the information.  It is US Drone Parts’s mission to keep our customers information as secure and confidential as possible and we do our best to ensure this security.


From this point herein, any international or foreign re-shipper, third-party courier company, or other shipping store of any kind of the like which accepts a package and then forwards it to a different address, will be referred to as a “Package Forwarder”.  If the final destination is not a home or business (a business other than a Package Forwarder), then we will consider this a Package Forwarder.  US Drone Parts reserves the right to cancel and refund any order which is deemed being shipped to a Package Forwarder. Herein, any We will not ship to any Package Forwarder or other shipping or logistics company or service of any kind.  All ship-to addresses will be screened for possible fraudulent activity before shipments are created.  By purchasing an item on our website, you are ensuring that the ship-to address is none of the places listed above.  If your item is indeed sent to a Package Forwarder, you release US Drone Parts of any liability whatsoever.  If the package cannot be delivered, is sent back, lost, stolen or otherwise, US Drone Parts is not responsible for any sort of refund or compensation.  You assume all risks once the package leaves our hands if it is being sent to a Package Forwarder.  US Drone Parts is not responsible for what happens to a package after it has been “shipped”, with being shipped meaning scanned-in to the logistic company’s facility.  Once scanned-in, US Drone Parts has no responsibility, recovery or control over the speed or delivery of the package to its scheduled destination known as the ship-to address.


Instances in which a shipping service other than “free” / $0.00 is selected and paid-for by customer, US Drone Parts will do their best to meet the customer’s expectations.  All shipping methods herein referred to as “Expedited shipping” will also include other methods called Also called Overnight, Air-mail, Priority, Priority Express, 1-Day, 2-Day or other rush services, or any other customer paid-for shipping method.  Expedited shipping is NOT guaranteed and US Drone Parts is not responsible for a shipping refund if the shipment is delayed beyond our control, as in a delay caused directly by our internal handling and processing times or by the local post office or shipping store, logistics company, driver, weather, acts of God, natural disaster, address issue, missed delivery, or any other delays beyond our direct control.

Please note that not all items qualify for Expedited specifically and that these items may not be necessarily clearly indicated during the checkout process.  In the event that an item is purchased that cannot be safely or legally mailed using an Expedited shipping option (lithium batteries, or items containing lithium batteries for example), then US Drone Parts reserves the right to either cancel the order OR  process the order and use a Standard or Ground shipping option and refund the Expedited shipping charge paid-for by customer.


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US Drone Parts has a zero tolerance for Fraudulent Activity.  An example of Fraudulent Activity would be, but is not limited to: Purchasing an item and then willingly performing a credit-card charge-back in attempt to obtain the purchased item and recover the spent funds OR sending the item to a Package Forwarder to be shipped to a local or international location and then later claiming the product was never delivered.  An intentional and dishonest charge-back, falsified delivery statement or similar activity will be considered a willing attempt to steal merchandise or commit fraud.  By using our website, you give US Drone Parts full permission to use some or all of your entered personal information and/or electronically detectable user information to be shared with the necessary authorities in an attempt to stop such future activities.  US Drone Parts or it’s legal partners will aggressively pursue such Fraudulent Activities if deemed necessary, within the scope and ability of local or government rules, regulations and appropriate practices in an attempt to protect our own assets and our other honest users.  By using our website and/or placing an order online, you hereby state and agree that you do not have intentions to and will not perform Fraudulent Activity.


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